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Precision incisions
for wire guided
catheter insertion

The GuideBlade was specifically created for use during over the wire catheter insertion. It's unique design allows clinicians to glide the scalpel down the guide wire ensuring a perfectly placed skin incision and eliminating skin tags.

Millions of central venous catheters (CVC) are placed using wire guided techniques every year. During placement, a small incision to extend the wire entry site is usually required prior to passing a larger bore CVC or dilator through the skin.

In order to allow free passage of the CVC or dilator, the incision must be contiguous with the needle entry site.

Achieving the desired incision can present challenges in patients with excessive soft tissue, bleeding or skin folds where direct vision of the needle entry site may be compromised.

Even in patients with ideal anatomy, the tiny diameter of the wire entry site and angle of the wire can make it difficult to accurately perform the skin incision.

Residual gaps between the needle entry site and skin incision (skin tags) can prevent passage of CVCs and dilators.

Attempts to force devices through skin tags can lead to wire kinking and make advancing over the wire even more difficult.

Revising the incision with a second cut leads to loss of skin integrity at the CVC entry site- which is believed to be the most common cause of central line contamination and associated blood stream infection.

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